Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Concert and New Friends!

Tonight we saw Lincoln Brewster live! His concert was amazing and his message was inspirational to hear! "The everlasting God"!! This was a fund raiser for the Christian School that both our children attend. Below is Amanda getting Lincoln's autograph! Oh so cool!!
Terry was a proud Security guy....see Lincoln signing in the background! Terry's smile is worth a million dollars!!

Here is our new wonderful friend "B". Our family has been looking forward to meeting him in person, and so tonight we invited him to the concert and we met for the first time. It is amazing how God works and how he brings people into our lives, and makes our paths cross. He is such a wonderful and nice guy, we look forward to spending time with him and getting to know him more. Bailey and Amanda can't wait to have him over to our house. We will make plans this week and treat him to dinner. We are really looking forward to our new life long friendship with him, and learning more about the country of our daughters birth place. In the future when we visit South Korea, we know we will call "B" and he will be a great host and show us all the beautiful sites to see!

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Awesome Korean Interb said...

of couse!! I'll treat my new family plz come to Korea!!