Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time to finish Grace's Room!

Since we had great news this past week we decided we better work on getting Gracies room done. Grab the paint brushes and have fun! I think we goofed around more than we painted. I will post some pictures of what we have so far, but I still have some more wall decorations that I need to find, a book shelf and new carpet will be layed very soon.
"ohhh no paint on my favorite sweats" "Ugh"

The Finished product! I love to go and stand in her room, knowing pretty soon she will be here!

Where was Bailey in all this???? He was playing with flashlights...He found more fun in watching us all work!


Anonymous said...

Best entry yet.

Sunny Mom said...

The room looks great! I love the cats in the changing table and hiding!

JoJo said...

Beautiful...she'll love it in there!

Krista said...

Such a Tina room.... always looking great! Can't wait to see with a little one sleeping and playing in it! She is already so blessed to have such a loving family! And so many people following her story! Love you!

lczafft said...

Krista is so right about this being a Tina room! gorgeous as always though!