Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting is never easy!

Today has been a day of mixed emotions and frustration! Maybe it is being stuck inside with no way out of our drive way from the blizzard. Maybe IM just being too sesitive. Maybe Im just a mother who is longing to hold her little baby!! I called our agency today because I "heard" hear-say that it will take longer when you have your babies escorted here. THis definetly gave us some concern. Our agency said they have that planned way in advance, and it does not take longer. I told them if it does take longer we will make it work to fly there. They assured me it does not. No one really understands unless you are going through this same thing really how difficult this wait really is especially after you have your child's photo. From day one when your paper work goes into your agency to adopt your heart is longing to meet and be with your child. You pray for Him/Her every single day even though you don't know who your child is! ONce your child's photo is in front of you ...you are totally completly in love...and each day that you have to wait to hold, and nurture your child seems like a complete eternity. I hope this puts light on this subject and that people can be very gentle with this, that they will know and try to understand that this part of the process is a very difficult one indeed! Prayer and support is what we need!


Summer and Stuart said...

this really touched me tonight.. my heart goes out to you in these last few days..
i know the wait seems long for us and we're still in the beginning.
but i know you're right.. once you have that photo and you see that sweet face, everything changes.

Kristi J said...

I feel your pain...You are so not kidding...Seeing K's picture I was instantly attached...I pictured her being with us the rest of our lives..and then she was gone!! It was very hard to grasp...but i'm doing much better now..but those were some hard days.....OK, love the egg tree in the snow...too cute!! great post with lots of good truth to it, kristi

Katie said...

Oh Tina....I totally know how you are feeling and I have no magical words of wisdom. Continue to pray for patience while you wait and for a speedy Visa approval (and we will keep praying for you too). Before you know it, Gotcha Day will be here and all of this waiting will be a distant memory.

Krista said...

I have been praying for you constantly, Tina. I find myself in the middle of the day thinking about you and how hard this wait must be. This really helped me see how difficult this has all been for you, and I just hope and pray that these last few steps don't lag and the paperwork can move quickly! Love you!