Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots to do...

My Awesome Daughter!

While we are in "waiting"..for baby Grace to come home... I have alot to do and focus on to prepare for our Spring production with my business! FOr those of you who do not know this I own a dance business...and each year we have a large production we do in the spring. So to say the least his is my busy month. I still have some dances to finish choreographing, and many of the small details to do to make the show a hit. It is truely sometimes overwhelming with all the details...but when the curtain opens it is all worth it! With my family behind me and my husband who works on his long list of making stage all amazingly gets done! I love teaching my students, they become like family to me and mean the world to me. Their smiles can very much brighten my day, and they always come in and ask "Miss Tina, Do you have your baby yet?". They are very anxious to meet her too! I Thought today I would share a few of my adorable students to you! I will try to post more later. This is just one of my groups of nearly 200 students!

My love of my life and the best son ever.. who always help work the shows! They really enjoy all the details..That is good for me!!

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