Thursday, March 19, 2009

P3 (packet 3 papers)

Yeah good news this week. I called on Wednesday and DC said that our P3 has reached Holt Korea. We now just wait for the VI to be scheduled. Once that is scheduled, we will know about when Gracie will be coming home. I pray so hard she is home before Easter! Today I was cleaning up the house getting ready for care group tonight and I went into her room, and kinda had a little melt down moment. I have not cried like that for a while. It is good tears! Tears that say...."Lord bring my baby home"! We hope that next week we will have good news to share and that the VI has been scheduled for her.


Anonymous said...

I had a very similar breakdown. Gave it to the Lord and the next day, VI! I totally understand what you are going though. (Oh, and on my blog, "C" is the initial of our agency directors name!)
Soon for you! Very soon!

Becoming a family of 4 said...

Since P3 is in Korea - it will be very soon. I will be praying for your llittle girl to have a smooth transition. May the Lord bless your family greatly.