Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Going Private....Want to Follow me???

I realized before making my blog private I need to keep this message up for a while in order to get you all this post...Along the past couple of years I have enjoyed getting to know all my blogger buddies and many of you have now become such close friends, I have appreciated your support and prayers. After also seeing some of my blogger buddies go private with their blogs, I have also been thinking about it for a while. For now I am choosing also to have my family blog go private. I want to be able to share my life and feelings freely.  If you are a dedicated follower, I would love to have you continue on our journey in life with me. Your support means alot.  Just leave me a comment that includes your email address, or email it to me at mkdivatina@hotmail.com  .....  all comments that include your emails will not be posted public!! Thank you all so much for everything! God bless!

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