Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fundraiser for friends..

below, my friend Kelly, Kris (who opened her beautiful home), and me...
Saturday was the fundraiser for the Gill family adopting from Ethiopia. Gary and Kris opened their home for a wine and beer tasting night. They charged $20 a person, so Im sure this brought in some good extra cash. We rolled in around the tail end of things, but it seemed that all evening there were a ton of people that came to show their support to the Gills. I wish I would have gotten more pics, but we were busy visiting with all the great people. I know many people are always looking for ideas for'll have to remember this one..

Above, my friend Stacey who just had her beautiful baby not too many weeks ago, and mY friend Dawn..(sporting the Gills Adoption tshirts)

Mariah, and Me...(she is the one adopting from Ethiopia)
We all have name tags on I guess in case someone did not know you..:-) lol
in the middle this is Gary, The other half of Kris (our friends who opened up their beautiful home). They are the most kind people I think I know.~!

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