Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ethiopia Adoption Shout out....

(picture of t-shirt fundraiser)

This week I was so excited..of course I always get excited when I see another family choose adoption and it's to exciting to see the referral come in. Our Friends Mariah and Brian are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. They just got there referral this week, he is only 6 months old now and soooo precious and sweet!  Their referral came in three months which is pretty quick, but now the hard wait begins, but I have a feeling it will go fast as well. This program seems to be pretty quick. They will also be one of the first families that will be following the new travel requirements for Ethiopia which is that both parents have to travel two times. One time for court which will come in about 3 months and they will travel a second time again 1-3 months after that to go and get him. This family has been aweseome about fundraising ideas...Please check out there awesome tshirts that were made to help with funding. They are so incredible!  Just click here T-Shirts Here they are $20 and you know it is going to a great cause to help bring this little boy home to his forever family! Tonight there is also a fundraising event that we all hope will bring in some extra for this family as well. Please keep them in your prayers and their precious baby too. Yeah one more home to a forever Family!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Tina, that was so nice of you. We really hope that the rest of the leg can be just as fast! See you tonight.