Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Count down day 4

Sunday night my poor husband was at the theater trying to put up props for over 8 hours. He had no idea it would take that long, but so many things need to be completly straight. He is still not done either. Finally him and Bailey just came home so they could eat and rest. I made 5 meals for our family for the week so at least we will not have to worry about what we will eat for dinner every day.
This week I began all my practices at the theater. Hopefully since I am prepared all will be organized and go smoothly. So far Monday went great, and I expect the rest of the week to also. Here are a few snap shots of my hubby and son working in the theater on props. I will show a pic of the final result tomarrow..It's going to look awesome when it is all done.

"nanny" and Gracie (that is what Grace calls her big sissy)

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