Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Preschool Graduation

I can not express enough how amazing the past 2 years have been for our little Gracie. We were so blessed with such a fantastic teacher who instilled such a passion for reading into her. Grace is reading, writing on her own, and doing such amazing things. Her teacher has been a huge blessing and we are forever grateful for her. A teacher influences a child's attitude for learning and I am thrilled that Grace absolutly loves school, and loves her teacher and I know the feeling is mutual! Today was hard to say goodbye for both of them!! brought tears to my eyes. If we could have her teach her forever we would!! But now next year On to Kindergarten, and this mommy is not ready for that! 

 We are so proud of you Gracie!! Such a sweet, smart, loving little girl you are!!
Thank you for a Great 2 years Mrs Crim!!

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