Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrating the big one...

This weekend I celebrated my 29th birthday ...again!! LOL, yep , it was the big one this year and to be honest with you the hardest one of all. Most the day I was down in the dumps...don't ask me why, I guess just something about that certain number. A feeling like oh my gosh I think I am old. I remember my mom turning this age and having a special party for her. I thought then how old it was, and now I am that age. Ok yes I would rather be this age than the alternative. But I am just saying I was not ready to leap into it quite yet. Oh well right..Live it to the fullest and treasure every moment! I am grateful for so many things I know that. Most of all for the people that really love me! 
thanks family and friends for making my day a good one!!

 Good thing they remembered my age for the cake....29!! LOL!!
 New sweatshirt!


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Tina!! I hope your day was a special one!

ps. I also felt that way this year...45! I jut never thought I would be THAT old!! LOL!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday!I hope your day was a very special one!

ps. I felt that way also this year...45! I just never thought I would be THAT old!! LOL!!