Friday, March 15, 2013

Compliments from preschool

Yesterday when I picked up Grace from Preschool her teacher pulled me aside..She says this often to me, but it seemed different this time. She says Tina, I seriously want to compliment you and Terry on Gracie..She is such a sweet, polite, loving and kind little girl. Her manners are amazing. I said well she makes it easy. She said no, this doesn't just happen in kids...I want to compliment you both, you are amazing parents and do such a great job!!  It was a wow moment for me because sometimes life gets so busy, and as a parent I sometimes wonder am i doing enough!!  So.. It is nice when someone takes a moment to tell you things like this about our kids. It truly made my day!! We are blessed to have our sweet girl! Im so happy she brings joy to so many people!

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