Friday, April 3, 2009

Part of our Family!

Woungbi Choi is now part of our family. We are so happy that God has placed us together. Tonight was such very fun night. We had "B" over for dinner and hung out. The kids love him and adore him too. He is officially their older brother! We can't wait to go see Korea and he will show us everything to see. He has traveled more than anyone we have ever met! Now he has a little brother and little sister. He is so excited to see our little baby Gyeong eun.
Bailey and B playing "Guitar Hero". He was really good. I think he plays in a band!! haha!

and more playing......

We even had a few lessons in Korean Language! We are really going to work hard with him to learn how to speek Korean. I know this will be a comfort to our little baby as she will be use to the Korean language. When we see it in our book, it sure sound different when you acually have someone from South Korea tell you how to exactly pronounce it. Amanda caught on just so fast. It must be that young mind. She will be speaking the language very soon. We are so grateful for B in our lives. He is a gift from God! Thank you Lord for this special young man that you have placed in our lives. Let us be a blessing to him just as he is to us. Thank you Lord!

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