Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just "waiting"

Yes we are still just waiting for the Travel Call to come. It is so exciting to know our baby girl is finally going to be home with us very soon. At the same time it is hard to not know when? From what I understand once the call comes is within a few days that you need to be at your airport that they have scheduled. I have woke up every morning thinking...Is today the day we will get the call?, then that day passes, and the next day again I ask...Is today the day?. Well Im really praying hard that today is the day!! It is morning now in Korea, and they hopefully will get all the arrangements done, so we can hear something tonight yet. Yeah I may be dreaming, but with adoption you have to do alot of that. For now,...Im going to go clean my house like never before, get the laundry done, get kids from school, and then I will teach 5 classes tonight. Hopefully somewhere in the business of the day we will be surprised with "the call"....I can't wait to hear the words "you daughter is flying home on....." Trust me you'll hear me scream with excitement from the roof tops when we do get the call!!

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Kristi J said...

so exciting....I can't wait to hear she's on her way!!! keep us posted, kristi