Thursday, April 23, 2009

One week Home Already!

Grace is taking a afternoon nap so I thought I would write a little bit about how she has done for her first week home. It is amazing to me to think of all the changes she has gone through in the past week and how we are seeing her blossom! Today on this hour 4:20 she was put into our arms for the first time. What an amazing feeling. Our Gift From God!! She smiled at us right from the start and did not cry. She did not cry until bedtime on first night.
Her first night we drove into a blizzard and had to pull over at the nearest hotel. This was probebly a blessing just to get out and stretch and play. When it came to bedtime we had a long night with her as she was missing her foster family terribly. She totally clung to me, and did not want anyone els. We prayed for this and we were happy that she found such comfort with me.

When we got home on Friday the kids were so excited to show her all of her toys. We were amazed at all the things she was doing. She was happy to be home and able to crawl around and check everything out. She really enjoys going all over and playing alot. She loves peek a boo, and patty cake! She giggles and smiles alot. She loves when her sissy holds her hands and she can walk around. Oh my goodness, she is doing so much more than we thought she was. Right when we got home..up went the gates on the stairs and we lowered her crib since she is so active. Her nights for the first 5 nights were completly on Korea time. Terry and I were up all night which is when she was ready to play. Yes play! So we did :-)

Monday was her first outing, and Im thinking just seeing too many people at once was maybe too much. She seemed great at the time, but Monday night she was grieving again for her foster family. She would cry out Uhma (mother in Korea). That was a sad and hard night for her. To see her cry in this way was heart breaking to see. We were aware that this is part of the process for her and is very healthy for her to go through it. We just held her tight. And again she preferred me over daddy during that time and found comfort with me. I held her all night long until she finally fell asleep on my chest.

Tuesday we saw the light and she napped during the day and did great! She slept for the first time through the night, and again on Wednesday night. We feel she is getting into a great routine with naps and nightime routines now. We try to keep things consistant and the same in the bath time etc... She naps in her crib in her room during the day, and sleeps with us at night. She loves to be rocked to sleep in her room. It is quiet and comforting to snuggle.
She is such a happy happy baby and doing great. It is amazing to us how many changes she has been through, but is really bonding to all of us. Daddy can now rock her to sleep for naps, but night time for sure is Momma. :-) . If a stranger talks with her she holds mama tighter. We all love her so much. I look at her all the time and think..."wow she is finally ours and finally home at last".

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Ally said...

I know you all are just over flowing with joy that she is now home! Thank you for keeping us updated! She is just beautiful.