Monday, April 16, 2012

Gotcha Day/Family Day

Today 3 years ago we were anxious, nervous, and so very excited to finally hold our daughter in our arms!! The long long wait was finally over and she was going to be in our arms. I will always remember this day just like it was yesterday. The feeling of holding her, kissing her, smelling her. Her looking into my eyes and smiling at us all. It was like she knew she was home. All the prayers for her that she would bond quickly...and I certainly can not forget how much she bonded with me right from the beginning..would not even let me brush my teeth or go to the bathroom. So yes I held her doing it all. What ever she needed I was going to do.   If interested you can click the link below and read our journey of what the first few days where like with our sweet daughter...
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On the side bar is our Gotcha Day video...Enjoy, be inspired!
Tonight we are having a Korean dinner in celebration..Pics to come later tonight !!

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