Monday, October 3, 2011

work weekend

This past weekend was definetly a big work weekend for us all. Getting things sold at the studio, moving the keep stuff home (which I have no place for) and the stuff that is to dump. It was a pretty successful weekend for selling. I was able to sell a majority of all the big things, but I have to say there is still alot of things left. Thankfully I had a friend show up on saturday to just support me. She was amazing helping me pack things on friday and then to show up out of the blue on saturday just cause she knew I was having a hard time was extremely special to me. I never expect anything from anyone really. So when someone does something like that out of the kindness of their own heart it definetly gives me warm fuzzys. It seems this day and age people are definetly wayyy to busy with there own lives usually to just go out of there way to lend a hand unless you happen to ask. It was great having her there and I ended up using her shoulder at least one time on saturday! :-)

Now this week I need to move everything that has not sold (not sure where to go with it all, our garage is all full of the keep stuff). I am feeling overwhelmed by things things and more things all around me. I feel i could literally just put it all in the garbage. I hate stuff, and being consumed by it all. I am a neat and tidy person, and when things are out of order, I feel out of order. Feels like I am drowning in it all, and I really don't even want to look at it. This will more than likely be my last week of getting the studio packed. I know the day I lock that door and walk away will be a teary moment for me. 11 yrs come and gone!

Last night my daughter did say to me "mom it has been really nice having you home at night when we get home from school". I have to say that made my day!! :-)

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