Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recognizing different races

Before I tell you my story of today, just let me say that were we currently live there is really not alot of diversity. Definetly not many people you see from Korea. Ok with that in mind ..here is my story.

Sisters are forever!!
Today Gracie and I took our weekly trip for groceries to walmart. As we walked in there was another family that looked like they were Korean.  Grace glued her eyes on them, even looking over me to watch them . As I kept walking into the store (her in the cart) they soon followed. She kept looking around me to see if they were coming. I slowed down to see what she would do. As this family walked by she just stared at them with amazement. I could see in her face what she was thinking. I said to her do you think they were born in Korea like you ?  She said yeah I think they are from Korea mommy!! I realized that she had some connection and excitement with seeing them. Later in the night I was sharing the story with my husband, only this time I had tears fill my eyes. I'm not sure why really other than I realize that she is learning how people look different, noticing different cultures, specifically her own,  and I know we need to have more talks about her beautiful story. It prompted me to start working more on her life book! I want to always be open about everything with her. This book will lay out her story with pictures and we can read it to her. She can be proud of her birth country and culture.   I just feel that being open , honest , and proud in a positive way will help her to have high self confidence and know with out a doubt that even though she did not grow under my heart she grew in my heart and she is 100% our daughter, and we are her family!

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