Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I got my ears pierced!!!

Yes it was her idea! She said when Im 3 I want to get my ears pierced. Oh and she said on a friday!! Not sure where that came from but one day I was going to take her and it was not on a friday, and she was sure to tell me "no mommy it's not friday yet".  Little smart girl ! So we rehearsed this over and over, how there will be a poke that may hurt a little but only for a short while, you may cry a little , but not for long . You know the whole deal. So the day came and she was excited. The girl did one ear then the other. She sat there not crying at all. She waiting a bit , then I swear there was a look on her face that said " hmm when mommy rehearsed this with me I think I was suppose to cry".."Yeah I think I'll cry now".  She did not cry long..and soon we were off to getting ice cream and she was asking me to text daddy a picture of her new earrings!! LOL. Funny sweet girl !!

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