Saturday, January 26, 2013

Growing up before my eyes!!

 My God where does time go? I just took her photos in September and I can not believe how much she has changed and matured in her looks in just a few months. But look you notice something ?? Yep no more glasses. My little girl has grown into wearing contacts and she is loving the like crazy. So proud of her. In December she was announced as student of the month in her 8th grade class. And next weekend with a mommy heart that wants to hold her at home..I said yes to her going on a big youth group trip that is 9 hrs away from home. She has a great group of kids in her youth group.  She begged and begged to go. Knowing it is a great thing for her , I still am her mommy and I just have a really hard time letting go for things like this. I am not the mom that has signed her kids up in camps as soon as summer arrives. I am the mom that loves her kids home, and love doing things with them.  She has such a heart for the Lord...I love seeing her grow spiritually. Such a sweet girl with her head on her shoulders...not a follower..but a leader. God watch over my little girl that seems to be growing up before my eyes!!

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