Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Bye For Now....We love you!

This morning we all had a pit in our stomachs. Bailey made us breakfast, and we enjoyed talking and remembering some of our special times together. We gethered in the living room and Dad said a prayer for B, for his safe flights and for his future. He prayed that Everything B would touch be blessed! I know this young man has a very bright future!

Before we go.. ...One More game with the kids!

Now the time came that we knew would be very very hard. Time to say Goodbye to B. Oh my goodness I knew it would be hard. But it ended up being even harder than I imagined. We have all loved B from the day we met. He is a great guy. We would love to go to Korea sometime soon, maybe sooner than we originally planned on. Coming home was hard with all memories of him around. His room downstairs, his cloths that he left for Bailey, and so many many memories surround us. He left a letter for us and Terry read it out loud and the rest of us cried. It was such a sweet letter, and we will keep it forever! We have cried missing him alot today. I think our eyes should run out of tears, but they just keep coming. Comforting the kids also breaks my heart. They love their big Bro B. He played with them so much, and without him here there is a peace of our family missing. We will be forever thankful to God that he has been brought into our lives. This is not a forever goodbye....for we know we will see him again. With internet and phones we will keep in touch every week. Plus we need to be sure he does not forget how to speak English. :-) Oh that's right, we are suppose to learn some more Korean too. We will B!! Tonight we all feel that something is missing. ....It is Woungbi!!!

Till we see you again our son B! You are a true blessing to our family!
xxxxxooooo (hugs & Kisses)

Love Mom and Dad
2011 will be a great year!

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Rachelle said...

We had a student from Japan a few years ago, and it was so hard for her to go home. It is fun to keep in touch with her and get new letters from her. Her English keeps improving and impressing us!

Your daughter is growing and she is more beautiful each time I look in on your blog!

Happy Mothers Day!