Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First New Shoes!

Thank God for great friends like you....This weekend Stacey ("aunt Stacey") called to see what size shoes Grace wore. I did not know since I had not yet been shoe shopping....but I did tell her what size shoe I wear! Guess Im not cute enough though...just kidding....Tonight she stopped by with the cutest new shoes for Grace, and also since she knows Grace loves cell phones, she gave her her old one. What a great friend..she is always spoiling us, we love her to pieces. Oh plus she brought us dilly bars from DQ!
wowza what fun!
We can tell Grace is chunking up a bit...what cute little chubby cheeks!!
She says "Hellllo"!
here you can see the cutie little shoes! Oh my gosh!!


Katie said...

TOOO cute....the shoes are great but I just love the close up with her cheeks! Doesn't it feel good that she is settling in! You are the blogging fool today....3 posts in 1 day must be an all time record! =)

Katie M.

Rhea Anne said...

Hey girl...Grace is so sweet looking as if she is really talking to someone important. I got that poem at an adoption meeting we went to on Monday. I loved it. Thanks for always leaving positive comments on my blog. I always seem to need them and they always make me smile. :)

Awesome Korean Interb said...

Is she still love cellphone? haha
so cute^^

Stacey said...

Ah, you are so, very welcome. NOTHING BIG but I sure enjoy giving the little things. Plus, you know I love to shop for "girly" stuff since I don't get that opportunity!
see ya tomorrow night!
oh and tell Gracie to call me! heehee!