Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hard to say goodbye

We love you and will miss you B!!
Great Memories Never Fade...But Last A Life time!

Friday we will have to say goodbye to Woungbi (B). IT is amazing to me how God organized us to meet. Out of 9 college exchange students we would meet B in church. B says God picked the BEST one to come and be a part of our family! The first time we met, we took him to a Lincoln Brewster concert. We instantly felt like family. ...and from that day forward he became a part of our family. Bay and Amanda had a big brother. It has been easy to love B. He is always so nice and so giving to our family. He has been a blast to be around. He spent Easter Vacation with us, he has taught us so many things about Korea and the culture of Korea, we've cooked Korean dinners, He played lots of rock band with Bailey and Dance Revolution with Amanda, lots of basketball and throwing the football, and jumping on the trampoline with the kids. Truely a great big brother for the kids. Great example of a young Christian man....It has also been great teaching him about The American family. I will always remember when he told me he wants to be a dad just like Terry some day to his children. He even went with us to bring little Gracie home! We have talked and talked to eachother till late hours of the night....and on Friday Morning we will have to say goodbye to our "adopted 23 year old son". We know we will see him again some day. We plan on going to Korea when Grace is older, and now we have family to stay with. We will miss him , and I just know it will be a very very sad day when he leaves! We love you B!!


Awesome Korean Interb said...

I love you guys more than you love me. Thanks G.O.D to made me to meet this awesome family.

Woungbi_Choi said...

I love you guys more than you love me^^ Thanks God to made me to meet this awesome family. - B

Melissa said...

I've never even met B, but your post made me cry. What a special experience. Our volunteer who took us to my birth city when we were in Korea was kind of like a short-lived B. We're hoping he'll visit us later this year. I've loved seeing pictures of Gracie and your family. Wasn't it worth the wait!?!?! I'll be praying that you guys bond/attach quickly. It's not easy shooing away help, but I think you'll appreciate the steps you're taking in the long run.

Rhea Anne said...

Girl you have me crying... B sounds like such a blessing. How wonderful.

Stacey said...

AHH! How sad but yet so awesome! God is so cool to put B in your family! I pray you will see him again soon!