Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad Dreams..

Last night Grace had a bad dream. This has happend a couple times. She was still sleeping, but had a very sad cry. We of course hop up right away to get her and cuddle her! It made me so sad wondering what my little baby could be dreaming about. She is doing so great and is so happy and full of laughs all day long, but Im sure with all the changes she has been through some things may come back to her in her dreams. As soon as I hold her and cuddle her she is totally fine. I read in our adoption information that dreams may sometimes happen and are a normal part of the process. ..even knowing still made me sad last night as I was holding her tears ran down my face too. My prayers last night and every night for her are that God will fill that place in her heart...the place that only He can fill with His love! That he comforts her in the ways He knows she needs comfort, and that he will help her along with adjusting, bonding, and trusting in her forever parents! That He will help and guide us as her parents to do our best with all of our children and to bring them up with the knowledge, love and passion for HIM!

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