Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Gracie what are you doing"??

"Gracie what are you doing"?
Her smile tells it all doesn't it?

Im loving being home with my sweet little baby girl.
Today I had both my girls home. Amanda still not feeling well, her meds are not kickin the sinus infection... and Grace still full of boogies. Took Amanda to dr. and the dr. changed her meds, and changed Gracie again to more powerful anitibiotics to fight the sinus stuff. Hopefully it takes care of the bladder infection too. Ugh. Plus today Im under the weather, and also feel a sinus infection coming on. Terry came home with $180 worth of meds for all the girls today. I just hope we are all feeling Great to celebrate Mothers day soon. My favorite day of the year!

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Katie said...

Oh no....that is no fun at all for so much sickness in one house! Get some rest and take those'll all be feeling better in no time!

Katie M.