Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ohh So Sweet....

Seems Grace is really feeling at home. Looking back at some older photos of just three weeks ago you can see her face seems more relaxed now. She is babbling alot, and oh my goodness what a great personality she has now shining through. I think she definetly knows she is now home forever. What a difference a few weeks make that is for sure. She is growing much more attached to us now. Today for the first time, someone talked to her and she cried and reached out for me. That was a "good thing". It shows she is growing more of a bond and attachement to me. It has been wonderful just being home and focusing on her. I love being home with my kids and we are all getting very excited for school to be out.
"Fun to be me"!!

"Daddy's my Prince"!

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Katie said...

Yeah! She DOES look more relaxed and it is amazing how quickly they bond and become acclimated to your family. We have been able to see the progression in the pictures of Paul as well.

She is SO beautiful and such a lucky little girl!

Katie M.