Monday, May 4, 2009

More Second Week Home Pics!

Our sweet happy baby!
"I love my sissy"

This weekend we had our annual Dance Production with my dance business. It was a great show! We had alot of business the past two weeks. But seemed to juggle it all somehow. I guess you just do what you need to do. Grace was either with me or daddy in the front pouch where she loved to be! We tried to not let everyone hold her and if they did not for long. We know teh bonding and attachment with us is so important. Im not sure that others understand or acually even think about it, but we do. Even with her not feeling her best, she was adorable and cheerful, IM sure the meds have kicked in!

Taking Stage down with daddy and Friend Alyssa. That is Grace in a yellow Tutu! "I just had to"

Daddy Carrying Grace backstage at our show!

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