Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just being real....

Well after my last post, we have gotten two requests so far from my blogger friends to to Denver, and one to Calafornia....They both sound great to me!! Here we come!! I find great comfort in these we have walked the journey to our daughters together and we lift eachother up and continue to love and support eachother through life! I am greatful for these friends that God has placed in my life...even if we met on the computer their support has been like no other, and I treasure each of them like a sister. My heart is so heavy today. I think for many reasons. One..Yes ...Terry and I feel we are ready for a change...but no we don't know in what at all. We will continue to look to Him for answers and seek his guidance. Two...My dance season begins in less than one week. It has been a great time off with little Gracie. Im ready to see all the students again, but honestly not ready for the business of running the studio. I will teach 16 classes a week and will juggle all the other stuff that will need to get done. One thing I do treasure is the fact that Terry gets off work as soon as I start to teach, this is great so that Grace will not have to have babysitting at all. This is and always has been important for our family. Three...Friends who use to be much closer to us are not so close, and on the other hand God brings other friends our way....funny how adoption changes your world and you suddenly meet many new people and families with the same stories. I do love that.
I added this next section to my post this morning as I woke up with this on my heart....
Adoption has also given us a true heart for orphans of the world. Ethiopia has been heavy on our hearts for many months. Terry made the comment (after a very long day at work) one day "well maybe we should just go to Africa". I said "ok, lets pack our bags and go". We would love to one day go there and help in an orphanage, and just show love to all the kids that are homeless and in need of a family. I have two families who have been a true inspiration to me and I have followed the Johnson family about a year now and also her sister who started "Ordinary Hero", organization to help be a voice to find homes for orphaned children in Ethiopia. Through these two families our eyes have been opened even more than they were before...many times I have sobbed at my computer as I have read there true life stories and experiences of many of the children. It is true when GOd says when your eyes are open you can not pretend you have not seen. My heart has been broken in a good way with what these two ladies have written from there hearts about the poverty and need for families in this area. Who knows...maybe our change in life will have something to do with Ethiopia, maybe other things, but I know God has something good planned and I can't wait to see it unfold. ... Sometimes do you ever feel alone even if If you are surrounded by many people.

(I wrote the above earlier and saved it to post the mean time I came across this on another bloggers site.........They were talking about feeling alone or confused...Maybe this will bless you today also!)
"I believe that God allows these things to come to pass in our lives for one main purpose: to have us all to Himself. He loves us so much and He knows that we will try to live life apart from Him, but can't. He has to get us to a place where all we have is Him, before He can show us His love and love us back into the relationship with Him that we were created and destined for.
God will thwart all efforts we make to try to find life apart from Him.If you find yourself in a new place and/or find yourself alone, may you know with confidence that God is just wanting you all to Himself, so that He can love you. Rest in that today and sit with Him a while."
I am thankful I popped onto this blog, and through someone elses words I see now that God is getting my attention. Yes when you feel as I have lately it has brought me on my knees to seek him and his direction.
May you have a blessed day!


Melissa said...

We've been involved in starting a regional orphan care ministry in our area. Boy, has God taught us a lot. We are in a totally different place than we expected. Let's suffice to say we have been "gloriously ruined" for the opressed (especially the orphan). It has totally changed our perspective on life. We feel the shifting of the winds on this side of the country too. In some ways (the human ones), we're scared of what God might call us to do. In all other ways, we're PSYCHED! What is better than following Him where he leads for the adventure of a lifetime :) We're praying for you guys.

Krista said...

This really spoke to me today, thank you so much for being honest with your current struggles and confusion. I have been feeling like I need a change too and have been praying for the knowledge of God's will in my life. This just helps me know I'm not the only one feeling this way right now! Thanks for your encouragement! Love you lots!