Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh the many places we explore.....

Climbing into my big sisters Barbie Car is so fun..If it only really would drive and take me for a ride..
See this little shoes..well Grace loves all shoes, and wants them all on her feet!

Even if they really are not meant to go on feet at all..Notice how she is holding one foot with one hand and using the other hand to really try hard to get the "little" shoes on. She worked on this for a long time on the kitchen floor.

One of the newest things is moving objects around the house to use as stepping stools to climb onto other things or get into new places she has not been before...
Like trying to use this toy to climb in her crib. And oh how proud we are of it all too!

Or like using this little stroller to climb on , and then get into my mommy's junk cabinet!

Or taking all the toys out of the little toy box, to get into it like it is a boat!
Oh yes..this sweet little cutie pie has melted our hearts and keeps her mommy very busy!


Matt and Jenny said...

what an active little girl!!! i love how she's trying to put the shoes on!!!

Kim said...

So cute!! She look so big in those last pictures!!