Friday, October 16, 2009

Gift from Korea....& Terry's BDay..

Happy Birthday Hunny! We love you very much!
nanna and papa sent everyone gifts today...The kids were totally excited when the packages of three different boxes arrived at the door. Thanks nanna and papa

Terry loved his Vikings Sweats...
And even our little Gracie got a special package from Her Foster Family in Korea!!
What a sweet gift. It was for her birthday that was in August! Attached was a note that said Happy Birthday from Korea!
Is this tiny little bikini so adorable or what?

She was thrilled to show it off for sure

Cutest little baby in the whole wide world


Kelly said...

Totally adorable!!!! I so wish we'd hear from Briar's foster family, but so far, nothing. :o( Gracie has a lot of Mongolian spots on her side!!!! Briar's are all fading, which is suppose to mean she's not a baby sad!

Kim said...

So cool to get something from her foster family!! That bikini is ADORABLE on her!! How sweet!

Waiting4OurAngel said...

What a cute suit--she looks so adorable in it!!!

Linsey said...

the picture you and terry is adorable you guys look like teenagers =)! gracie is a babe in that lil bikini =)

Stacey said...

AHHH!!! how sad,,, we were there last year for his bday! Happy birthday anyway Terry!
and what a beautiful bathing suit model you have!!!