Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few more favorites

A few more shots from the wedding. These are our three kids and my brothers two kiddos. They all adore each other so much, and just love it when they get to spent time together. We are lucky they only live about 10 miles from us.
Me and my awesome kids. Kids make the world a much more cheerful place. Some people can not wait until their kids are grown up and out of the house. NOT ME, I know how fast time goes and I savor every moment with them. Since school is started and schedules seem to get more busy, we want to be sure we are really connecting with the kids. After homework, dinner, play time, and some chores, after we get Gracie to bed, we sit down with the older two and just have fun joking and talking about out day. They are at such a great age. They just spill their guts to us about everything in their day. Amanda said last night...we have to keep doing this every night. Last night she was telling us her memory verse for the week. Wow, it was long...both the kids do a great job memorizing things. She has a great Bible teacher (same one Bailey had last year) who is soooo passionate about Jesus it spills over in everything she does. We could not have asked for a better teacher. Teachers make such a big difference in a child's life! We know now that they are both at the age where they need to own their walk with Jesus, it is not just about mom and dad and how we feel or going to church with us. They now have to want it, need it and be passionate about it. The theme of the school year this year is to not just have head knowledge , but to have Jesus deep in their hearts. I was thrilled to hear this and to see the change in the two of them already makes a mom smile. Not to say we don't have bad days...we all do! But I'm seeing them grow and that is what counts.

This is one of my most favorite pictures ...she was playing peek a boo with me and I caught this on camera. I love moments like this. What a precious little baby girl. She is learning so much so fast it amazes us. When she wants something she will come and grab my hand and bring me to it. Sometimes it is things she can have...other times they are things she can't have. She wants to touch, smell, taste and try everything. She is on the go 24/7 and we love her with all our hearts


3 Blessings said...

Beautiful and I love that you appreciate your children.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet note! Yes, I have watched your "gotcha" day video several times - what a wonderful wonderful day for your family! :) I will keep you posted for sure on our journey. Elisabeth