Sunday, September 27, 2009

Capturing a little Nature....and time together

IN All Things Worship HIM and Lean on Him for Understanding!

Daddy loves Gracie

Life is a Journey. This picture says it all! Lately my husband and I have both have felt God leading us to something...something different, but we do not know what that something is yet. Right now we are just praying and waiting on God to lead us in the right direction.


Kelly said...

GORGEOUS pictures, Tina!!!! I think God wants you to move to Colorado!!!! :o) Or maybe add to your family again?!

candice said...

Oh my Tina- these are beautiful pictures! The first one is my favorite :-)

I know the feeling of waiting for the Lord to reveal what you are to do next. Trusting His timing is the first step! Keep leaning on Him!

...and could it be that you are supposed to move to California?
:-) Sorry- I just had to follow in Kelly's footsteps!