Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun with International Students

My wonderful hubby prepared Bulgogi and an awesome rice and a few other things for our dinner! Everyone really loved eating Korean and using chop sticks again! Above is our student Chungjee that was placed with us through the international college program! We also have connected with a few other students and always invite them along with our family too. We really enjoy them all very much, it is fun to talk about and learn about Korea and also share American traditions with them.

Chungjee loves our kids, but she won't pass by Gracie without giving her a kiss. Gracie is showing off her korean baby doll. Chungjee that that was really aweseome that she loves this dolly. Pretty cute
Terry introduced the boys to a game of football. This went on all night, through the rain and into the dark time. They all had a total blast! What a hoot it was to watch them all having so much fun! That is what life is about! Enjoy and have fun!

Notice the cute little girl wandering around the yard. ..busy picking flowers and rocks!

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Matt and Jenny said...

yay! FOOTBALL! everyone must learn about american football!!!

i love the last picture! grace is just a busy bee, going about her business, not paying any attention to the hubbub behind her!