Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank you Kelly w/ Briar.Clair

Today Amanda and Gracie got a fun package in the mail from my friend Kelly. How sweet and special this package was since she makes everything home made and with love! Kelly makes beautiful hair bows for little girls. ..and oh are they ever adorable!! They also have a sweet daughter from Korea. I found Kelly's blog on line while we were waiting for Grace. Funny how God works sometimes...since I found great comfort in reading her posts while our wait was so hard. She always inspired us and of course we loved seeing her beautiful daughter. My oldest daughter still will mom what is Briar doing now..and she will come and take a peek too. So even though we have not met in person, this family still is special to us. I know someday our schedules will work out and we will get together...until then..Im thankful for Friends like this, who take time to make someone feel special. I will show more pictures of all the fun things this weekend, but for tonight I just had to post this one!


Matt and Jenny said...

how sweet! that's beautiful, kelly!!!

Waiting4OurAngel said...

Love her stuff and she was the first one I followed and always have looked up to her! Gracie looks beautiful in the hat!

Life and Adoption! said...

Hey--wanted to let you know I switched domains, and I wanted you to be able to find me! I'm now at
Your kids are adorable!!