Friday, September 11, 2009

New Friends From Around the World

In one of my last posts I spoke about the International Exchange program we are excited to be a part of with the college near us. The leader of the program matched us with CJ Chungjee from South Korea, and tonight we had her and many of her friends over for a American Cook out. We grilled out hamburgers, with corn on the cobb, bunkhouse beans, salad, chips and pop! We had a blast getting to know them, and of course everyone had fun loving on little Gracie girl! We plan to do many things with them while they are here. God is amazing how he brings such wonderful people into our lives. We love to learn about all the different cultures and make new relationships with these great young people. We pray their journey in America is a great one with many fun and wonderful memories!
IN the photo above (forgive me if I don't spell the names all correct) is From left to Right is...
"Water" Soobum (from S Korea), JK (from S Korea), Sadbhouv (from Napal), Terry, Gracie
Chungjee (from S Korea), Selam (from Etheopia), Andria (from Vietnam), Tina, Amanda, Bay.

Beautiful young ladie!! Chungjee, Selam, Andria

JK, and Water playin the piano

CJ and Gracie
Of course the fun of the night was when Amanda broke out DDR (dance dance revolution)


Matt and Jenny said...

how fun! what a great experience for you and them!

Waiting4OurAngel said...

What an awesome thing!

Soobeom said...

Thanks to your inviting last night.
Your family is really kind and lovely.
See your Soon.