Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 Months Home Today

Our Eyes Met on April 16th our Gotcha Day-- 5 Months ago Today...Our Baby was placed in our arms forever!
Each month that goes by is such a milestone for us. We will never forget the 16th of April. Each month when the 16th of the month hits, it is our reminder of how the baby we so longed to hold was finally in our arms at last. Remembering back to this day it feels like it has been much longer than 5 months. I think about how she was with her foster family for 8 months, she has only been with us for 5...oh my how much we love her and it reminds me of how much they must have loved her too! That really is not that long, but yet so amazing how it feels we have really had her forever! I remember the anguish of waiting for that travel call and how I had myself in such a twit that I hardly could function. Adoption is an amazing journey, and the journey continues when you have them home as well. WE think back to how we use to be....sooo NOT cultured. Through the process of waiting for Grace to be home with us we had time to get to know her Korean culture, and one that we fell more in love with too. Then God brought us Woungbi Choi. He came into our lives two months before Grace was home. He was an angel really. He taught us even much more about Korea, culture, traditions. We fell in love with him and we knew that forever our lives would be changed for the better. WE knew we would want to always encorporate Gracies culture into our lives. So yes she is Korean/ American, and we are American/Korean and love it! Thank you Lord for guiding us..thank you for taking us on a one year detour to China, and then to South Korea , all to find that you all along had a plan for us and Grace to be together forever! You are an amazing God, and we Thank you for all your blessings!


Waiting4OurAngel said...

Happy 5 months home!!

Jayme said...

I'm a follower/lurker of your blog and I thought that I would say "hi." And to congratulate you on five months! I remember seeing Gracies Gotcha Day video and crying. It was the cutest thing EVER! It was one that I will NEVER forget. Gracie KNEW you were her mother, and that is captured on the video. Priceless. That's what I wish for when I see my daughter for the first time.

I also appreciate that you thank God for your year-long detour with China. We are in the thick of the wait and I thought for sure that I would have had a referral by now. But I know that HIS timing is perfect and you confirmed that for me.

Congrats on Five months and congrats on your beautiful daughter! She is a real cutie!

Rachel said...

It is so neat to see her little personality coming out even in these photos!

I currently have myself in a "twit" waiting for travel call (what a great way to put it!) but I know it won't be long...seeing your journey has helped encourage me when the wait just seemed too long. Thank you for sharing!!!