Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thoughts of Gracie

We have been so sooper excited since the day we got our daughters photo. Counting the days until she is home. So much focus has been on that. As time gets nearer for her to come home God is really showing me through reading other families experiences that even though we are the ones soooo excited to see her, hold her, cuddle her, and give her all our love, she on the other hand will go through a major adjustment and may not be so excited about it a first as we are..we will need to be patient. I know that their will be a time of greiving for her. She will grieve for the only family that she has known and become attached to (her foster family). This hurts and makes me sad for her. I pray and know that God will give her the comfort that I know we will not even be able to fill in the first days. I have also found hope in all the stories I hear about how very fast they do get comfortable with their new family, new smells, surroundings, and how much they blossom and can just be themselves fairly quickly. Children are amazing and do adjust with a little time, patience and mostly love! We know she will have that!!

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