Monday, February 2, 2009

Care Package

This weekend we all enjoyed getting a care package ready to send to Baby Grace. It was very exciting to think that we are allowed to send a package to the Korea Holt agency, and they will get the things to the foster family at their next well baby appointment with the clinic. I sure hope she will get this before the end of February which is when she seems to have her wb apts. It cost $47 to get it to Korea. We all hope she gets it all before she comes home. Here are some of the things we included.
Baby blanket: soft and cuddely. A "nye nye", both our kids loved their nye nyes and they went everywhere. A photo book filled with pictures of us all, in the hopes that the foster famiy will show her and talk about us. Some toys, two camera's in the hope that the foster family will take a zillion pictures for us and send the camera back with Gracie. We also included a nice bracellet for the foster mommy, a note from me, and a note that Amanda wanted to write to them late last night, she also included a purple bunny! Not picured is a cute little outfit that I put in on the top of everything. It was all very fun to get together and now it is off to another country to our sweet little daughter!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you how much this post has helped us! We just received a referral for a handsome baby boy from Korea and are thinking of ideas to include in a care package. I'm so glad to have found your blog - thank you!!

Jen from MA

Anonymous said...

your ideas are great. i love the camera idea.
we are with holt korea too. did you have to get an o.k. before your family sent your care package to the korean branch? how often did you send one?