Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Makin the News - Listen to This!

Terry came home the other night and said that our local newspaper reporter had talked to him because he had heard about us adopting from Korea. He wanted to do a story on our experience and follow our adoption. This was pretty exciting to I hope this story will open hearts of others to also look into adoption for their families! The reporter came by today to interview us on our adoption journey. We had a absolulty great visit with him and a very fun time too. ...Turns out that we learned that he spent many years working in Korea for a magazine, and absolutly loves the Korean culture! He was able to educate us more about the people, the children, the food, places to eat and places see. He new it first hand since he lived there. He said he would teach us some of the language! We even learned more about our little girls name!! He is going to have his wife show us some great Korean recipes (I can't wait to cook a korean dinner for our friends) We were extremly grateful for visiting with him and all the great information that he shared with us. I think it will be published next more on that to come!

The Gyeongbokgung palace in S. Korea!

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Sunny Mom said...

That is really neat to be able to share your story and hopefully influence others of this great journey. I love learning about the Korean culture also.