Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gracie Makes the News!

Wow, our baby girl a world away has made our local news! She will soon be able see the community that has grown to love her long before she is even home! When the reporter contacted us because he heard we were adopting from Korea, we never knew he too lived in Korea with his wife for 15 years. He has a special love for the country of Korea!! I think it is great that he wanted to do a story about our journey. I hope this will encourage others to also look into adoption. This experience has been amazing, and we cherish the friendships with those of you who have also gone through and are in the same place we are with bringing a child home! God has grown us in so many more ways,and believe me each day I learn something new! Holt international is the agency have been with since the beginning starting in 2007. They are a wonderful support and have been very helpful! I am told to expect a new updated photo of our little Gracie very soon. She is 6 months old now, and Im sure has changed alot since her 2 month old photo! I hold A new photo will be I pray we do get one!! I will post it as soon as we get one. I can't wait to do all the goffy mommy things that infants seem to bring out in you :-) Thank you all for following our journey and most importantly lifting us up in your prayers!

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