Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Legals are Here!!!

Yeah...Finally today we got our Legals for Grace!! Legals are basically a couple pieces of important information:
1) A record of Grace's birth
2) A statement that Holt (the agency in Korea) is Grace's guardian
We are very very excited about this. Now we can take the very next step. As I type my husband is taking them to the postal office to overnight them to the imagration office in Minnesota. I hear that office is back logged, but our 1600A will expire 2-28-09. So we are going to try to get them to put a rush on it. The next step is that the Imigration office in Minnesota will go through all our legal papers for us to adopt her. As soon as the US is done they will get the papers to the US Embassy in Korea, they will then finialize the papers and she will be able to come home. If we estimate the time they say it could take to get her home (using the longest example of course), we would get a travel call around the end of April. This is a big time of year for us as I own a dance business and our big rehearsals are that very week, with a big show at the end of that week. We are praying that she will come earlier in April. I know GOd has His perfect timeing and I refuse to worry about it. It is all in His hands as everything in life is. I know He will bring her home very soon, and it will be perfect timing. I of course would have liked her home a month ago. But for those of us who are going through the adoption process we all know how much we really learn to "wait", and how nothing in this process is easy! BUT... So worth it!!! I am getting so excited, and I know that very soon we will all be holding and cuddeling our baby Gracie! The studio is closed all spring and summer and I will be able to just hang with my kids, play and enjoy summer!


Sunny Mom said...

Congrats, how exciting! One step closer!

Julie said...

I know just what you're going through. We, also, adopted a baby girl from Korea, through the Holt Agency. That little girl will be
'20' on March 9th. I remember the endless days, weeks, & months of waiting! For about 2 months(after she was referred to us), all I had was one little picture of her. I would sit up late at night, & just hold that picture against my chest. Jayme was 4 1/2 months old when we picked her up at the Denver airport. We had a captive audience as we received our bundle of joy. There weren't too many dry eyes in that area of the airport! This has been such an enriching experience for our family. I would do it all over again! In fact, everytime I receive a Holt magazine or an email newsletter from them, I spend hours looking at the pictures of the children!! I wish you all the best & pray that you will hold your precious daughter VERY soon!!!