Thursday, April 1, 2010

Egg painting ...

Im sure many of you are taking a little time to sit down and paint some Easter eggs this time of year. But the one thing I really remember when I  look at this photo is that I can not believe Grace is here to celebrate her first Easter with us as a family. Thank you God for this sweet blessing! Just the smell of the outdoors even reminds me of last year at this time, as we were waiting to hold and kiss our sweet baby girl! We were hoping so much she would be with us for Easter last year, but she came home a week later. That was ok too, obviously God had it all planned out. So here we are this year..celebrating Easter as a family of 5! Such a joy!! She was thrilled that she got to color on an egg! She held it very close and the two eggs were hers to have! :-)
I see the love that her sister and brother have for her and it melts my heart every day. Such a joy to see them focus on her and get out of themselves for a while! It has truely been good for them!
TO Grace they are her heros!! She looks up to them and wants to be them!
These two are always goofing around!  I realize I did not get a photo of the end result..will post that in my next post!

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