Friday, April 23, 2010

The final stretch..

Well this next couple weeks is my final stretch to our show with my dance studio. I am sure you have wondered what has happened to me as I have not been blogging too much lately. TO be honest with you this year for some reason has been just a huge challenge. Having to take care of all the details by myself has exhausted me beyond words. Getting home at 8 or 9pm at night is not doing too much for me these days. People really have no idea what goes into something like this. From designing tickets, putting almost 2000 seat numbers on the tickets, ordering costumes, organizing rehearsals, choreographing 20+dances so many details that all add up to so much.....the list goes on and on and I won't bore you with all the bla bla bla. I sometimes ask my self why I continue to do what I do...and the same answer comes back to me, because I love the kids and have a passion to teach them dance. If only I had more help..this I also say every year. But I can never seem to find help that is available, or knows how to do it right. Yes I am a huge perfectionist. In just a couple weeks we have our end of year show and I will not have such a crazy schedule with the stress of deadlines. Well I take the crazy schedule thing back..this may happen, but in a much different way. I work with Gracie with me about 24/7, but with the two older ones in school I don't see them alot lately..kinda starting to wear on this mama.... I look forward to summer break so much...and spending time with my kids! Please pray for me, my family, the studio, and the show over the next couple of weeks. Here is one pic of my preschoolers who had just gotten their costumes in..I have 18 preschoolers in all, but the other half comes at another time. So cute..

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