Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dresses for Orphans of Ethiopia

In the waiting room of my dance studio this week you certainly can not miss all the beautiful dresses that girls are donating for orphan girls in Ethiopia. My passion for orphans is so strong in my heart. When I began collecting dresses it was just something I felt I wanted to start doing. It seems so small, but if we all do something it can make a difference in the heart of a child. I did not even know where the dresses would all go, but I prayed God would open the door. Secretly I really wanted to be a part of a group called Look Development.  I believe in what they are doing with their project of finding sponsor families for children, building a larger orphanage and cottages, a health clinic, school, and a well for fresh drinking water. And spreading the world also looking for adoptive families as well. So two weeks after i started collecting the dresses I was invited to attend a look dev. prayer group. This group also helps with certain projects etc.. I was jumping for joy because at that moment it was like my prayers were answered. I know that the dresses with go to this orphanage.  I love to see the families come into the studio to drop off the dresses and the kids are so full of pride and feel good about themselves. To come out of yourself and think about the well being of someone els is what this is about. This is also spreading the word about the children in Africa and I believe opening the eyes of many! Below is a family that just brought in 30 dresses, this and all the others now has our total up to 160. We are almost there! YIPPY!
below: Terry and I at a fundraiser for Look Developement
some of the children that have been adopted into forever families!
I could not get one at all with them all looking...
Two from Ethiopia, and Gracie sitting on Alyssas lap. Alyssa is from China, and of course Grace Korea
there were many more kids, but could not seem to gather them all..
We had a potatoe bar, worship time and watched the movie Faith Like Potatoes. I think most of the sponsor children they had did get sponsored that night!


3 Blessings said...

That is a wonderful idea. So glad God is leading you exactly where he wants you to be and who he wants you to help.

Allen and Kala said...

I think this is wonderful! You are following his leading and what a difference you will make when those children get those dresses!