Friday, April 16, 2010

Grace Home ONE YEAR today!

Wow, one year ago today we were waiting at the airport for our baby girls plane to land. I remember this day as if it were yesterday, yet at the same time it sure seems like she has been with us much much longer than one year. We were able to track the plane on the internet and see where it was in the skies from the moment it left South Korea...I remember feeling so sad knowing that the foster family had to say goodbye to this sweet little baby that they have loved on for 8 months. At the same time excited that she would finally be in my arms at last! No more looking at her photo and imagining her, soon I would hold her and kiss her for the first time.  Waiting for the Flight to come in was so hard..fog was rolling in that day and we just prayed and prayed God would lift it so the plain could land. There were warning also of a big snow storm that was suppose to roll in as well. All I knew for this moment was that my baby was on that plane and she will be ours forever! There is no other feeling greater than holding your child for the first time. This was the moment we had waited so long for! Our Grace Gyeong-eun.
You can view our gotcha day video on the right of this page.
This brings tears to my eyes because we see how happy we all were this day to finally hold our baby Gracie. You can see it in everyones teary eyes!
Below: Week one home! Gracie was only 8 months old! She was crawling all around, which I remember we were not aware of, so soon after we got home daddy got the gates up near the stairs.
Below is Amanda, Bay, Bi (an exchange student that God brought to us), Me , Gracie, Terry
Only 2 weeks home...
The becco carrier became very handy, and she would point to it for me to carry her like this. It was her way of saying she wanted to cuddle with mama!
She would only go to sleep this way. I remember walking outside and she would fall right to sleep, she just wanted to be close to her mama! Below...we both crashed!
5 weeks home....

5 weeks home..
My sweet baby!
below...Such a Silly Girl! It has always amazed me what a sweet, funny, and so cute personality she has. We have been blessed that is for sure!
The scrunchy face stage...this lasted all summer long! For every photo for a while, she would just scrunch her was so funny!
Loves her big brother Bay.. 2mo home
Some people have asked us if it was a big adjustment having two older children and then having a baby. But for us, we were so ready to have another child it did not matter what the age difference was, it never was an issue for our family. It is wonderful to see the two older ones love on her and play with her like they do. They absolutly adore their baby sister and will forever do anything for her. It was awesome having them older especially for our gotcha day..this is a day we all will forever remember as the most special moment we have shared together. This is amazing to me!
and loves her big sissy!
First 4th of July 2009

3 months home
The getting into everything stage...Still in that stage acually!
Traditional Korean Birthday Celebration 4 mo home..
7 months home
First Easter..
Thank you Lord for blessing us with these three great kids.
there are so many things and so many other photos I would love to share with you, but it would take you days to look through them. To those of you still waiting for your babies...just hold on because soon they will be in your arms and time just will go by so fast you won't believe it. I know waiting is hard trust me I am not the Queen of being patient at all. Hang in there and just know that God has perfect timing.  I prayed Grace would be home just a couple weeks  before my show at the end of the dance season. I had dreamed of taking her on stage to show everyone this beautiful child. God brought her home exactly 3 weeks before the show. I ended the show with a power point of our gotcha day, and a small dance I did with her on stage. A dream come true.....May God bless each of you who say yes to adoption, it is truely the best gift to give a child...a forever family..a forever home! 


Waiting4OurAngel said...

Such a beautiful post and congrats on 1 yr home!!!

Waiting4OurAngel said...

Such a beautiful post and congrats on 1 year home!!

Allen and Kala said...

I can't believe it's been a year already! Thanks for encouraging this impatient mama about the wait.