Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter-He is Risen

Gracies first Easter!
This morning the Easter bunny sent us on a treasure hunt to find our baskets..
after searching and looking for the clues they finally found them.
Off to church we went..and what a great morning of worship we had for our Lord and Savior!
After church we came home where Grace had her first egg hunt (inside, because it was so cold out)
Gracie was sooo proud of all the eggs she could find!
Of course, her big sissy helped her reach the ones that were hidden much taller..
Bay, just juggled the funny!
Then family and friends came by for a nice Easter Dinner. This is my Sister Mandi and my new brother in law Jason. Just married last summer this is their first Easter as husband and wife. They live just 10 miles from us and we are loving it! I can't wait till they have babies..(teehee)
My sister Mandi and I are 10 years apart...Did I acually admit that? I usually and mostly claim to be the same age....."we look the same age don't we"?  I love her and adore her to pieces! My baby sister!
I think we prepared quite a feast that is for sure. Everyone got stuffed and over stuffed for lunch!
Along with my sister and her hubby, we had three of our exchange students over too.
Happy Easter From our Family To Yours!
 Our baby girl was very tired later in the day..
Thank you Lord for all your blessings!


Mel said...

Isn't crazy to think back to this time last year? The excruciating wait. Seems like yesterday in some ways but seems like the kids have been home forever in others.
I guess Easter is our last major "first."

Allen and Kala said...

Looks like you had a great time. I love her dress. She is adorable!