Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 more weeks and counting

Well in 5 more weeks I will officially be off work. My dance business closes for 3 months of the summer and I thouroughly enjoy ever minute of it with my kids. You have not heard from me much lately because I have been extremely busy and stressed as I get every year around this time. I also do not like to be negative with my posts, but sometimes, this is just real life right? I know I am not alone. Why the stress you may ask....well, we are gearing up for our spring dance show, our 10th season.  And yes I am a profectionist... 100%.  I have to wonder when this door will close for me. I can certainly say my passions sure have changed over the past couple of years...being a voice for orphans is certainly one of them. 

 This time of year I usually find myself exhausted with all the planning and working but it makes it harder when your husband is also finding himself feeling the same way with his job.."burned out" !  I can't turn to someone who is already exhausted himself can I?  Yesterday it hit me when a friend told me that her cup is so full!! I thought wow, and told her "My cup is feeling quite empty". I need to fill it back up. It is my fault my cup is empty and I know I need to work on filling it back up again..NOW! I know we also as a family need a break and some time away. In 16 years we have never taken a real vacation and I think something like that would be so great for us to do.

Don't get me wrong... I love the studio, I am proud of where it started and where it is today. I love the kids that I am blessed to work with every week....I am fortunate I have had the many opportunities to even lead some of my students to the Lord. There is nothing like that! At the same time my own children/family tug hard on my heart strings!   I can be home most of the day, (which is great for Gracie and I) but when my two older kids get home, I go to work. I think it for sure was hard on me this year when I found myself missing many of my sons basketball games! I guess I am lucky over all these years I have not really had to miss anything before. I always worked it out.

5 more weeks of hard work as we prepare to celebrate a decade of dance..then this mama is going to enjoy her time of rejuvenation.  I will have all summer off with my kids, life slows down, and I look forward to putting more time into my passions of helping make a difference for orphans! The past couple months I have been  collecting "Dresses For Orphans". My goal is to collect 200 dresses, and we have recieved 100 so far. Thanks God. My dream would be to personally deliver these dresses myself! We'll see what the Lord has planned!
Here are some of the cute faces I am blessed to teach each week! (3yrs old)

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Dina said...

LOVE IT!!!! Great shot. I am a former Ailey dancer but haven't taken class in way too long. Dance is always a part of you no matter how many kids or where life takes you. Best to you on the show!