Thursday, March 4, 2010

Old photos bring back memories...

oh boy, today I guess I was bored and found myself looking at some old photos....really wish I wouldn't have done that. I came across 4 photos that were emailed to me from a lady who was on the same flight as Gracie on her way to the US with her escort. (April of 09)This lady felt bad for our baby Grace because apparently she cried alot of the way here. Keep in mind the flight is over 20 hours long. My poor baby.

So here I was looking at the photos, each one slowly examining each detail all over again. I saw the pain in my babys eyes, I saw tears that must have just been sitting there waiting to drip down her cheek. As I looked at them I was overcome with so many feelings. I could see the confusion in her eyes and just imagine what she was feeling. I remember that day and how excited we were to finally hold her, and at the same time knowing that she was going through a tramatic experience herself.......leaving her foster family, the only one she had known since birth.  I also remeber I could not understand why that travel call was taking so long to get..., but as I look at these photos today I am remembering that God may have been preparing not only our hearts, but without a doubt he was also preparing the heart of my sweet baby and her foster family to say goodbye. The timing had to be just right. And it was! It also reminded me of how far she has come since that day. How blessed we have been. How she bonded to us right away. How resiliant children are and how they adjust fairly quickly to things. I also starting thinking about her birth mother and how I need to write her a letter and send it to the agency so that IF she ever goes back there again there would be something for her to hold onto...something to give her reasurance that the child she gave birth to is so loved by her forever family..... After all, this is the woman who gave our baby girl LIFE! And how Gratefull we are to her for making that choice!!

I can't leave a post with out a here is Grace earlier today.
Thank you Lord for this Precious Gift you have given us!

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BrandiB said...

I think a letter would be a great gift to her birthmom. While we are all so happy to have these great kids in our lives, it's hard to think about the sacrifice that mom made for love.