Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend fun...

The day after Thanksgiving we went to view the Christmas Trees, and were surprised by seeing horses..they were giving carrage rides and we were just in time to take the last ride around! Gracie loved the Horseys!!

We traveled to see family this year for Thanksgiving and  also had Chungjee our college exchange student with us which was really fun! The kids all adore her. The two other little cuties are my little nephew and niece.

The Trees where all beautiful!

Me and my sweetie pie...being goffy as usual!!

Hope your all enjoying the beginning of the Holiday season. We love traditions and Im excited for starting them through the month of December! What are some of your traditions with your families for Christmas??


Lyr said...

First I wanted to say how beautiful i think you are! Really! Second, I love that picture of the trees and the girls dancing in front! Love it!

Stacey said...

All great pictures and so glad you had a good time back home for Thanksgiving. :)

We don't have much for traditions,,, I guess one is, the boys always make a huge mess by attempting to make a Gingerbread house (from the cheap kit!) and we bake gingerbread man cookies. They love them!