Friday, November 6, 2009

Finalization Date Set

Finally, the date is set! The special day will take place on December 14th at 11:30am.  We are so excited to finally be at this stage of the adoption and give our daughter her forever last name! We were hoping to have a Friday so that family and friends could come with us, but it is on a Monday and we had to take what we could get since they are really booked up. All we know is this will be a really special day for our family.  Also being finalized two weeks before the end of the year means that we will be able to claim the adoption tax credit. Yeah!! 

Gracie is now 14 Months old...and a busy 14 months at that! Home for 6 1/2 months now. Some of the things she is doing are...
*She will take a toy to use to climb up onto things...Like the other day I caught her on the top of the piano, she also climbed up the kitchen know the ones you sit at in your kitchen.
*When Im getting ready in the morning she will make my bathroom look like a tornado went through it. She takes everything out of the drawers, and then climbs into the cabinets and drawers. It takes me longer to get ready since Im always telling her no. Yes she has been given her own drawer, but that is not good enough.
*She is attempting to climb out of her crib now..Dear Lord don't let her learn this one yet!!
*She babbles alot to the point where we think she is speeking Korean to us and we will agree
*She calls us all by name, or her own form of our name or nick name she give us.
*She loves to be by her mommy's side 24/7
*If we are sitting (which does not happen often), she will come and grab our hand to take us somewhere if she wants something like out of the refrig or something to drink..and sometimes she takes us  really no where, just on a little walk around the house.
*She loves to give kisses and hugs-very affectionate
*She loves to play with her farm animals and ride on a toy princess car she has
*She will let us know when she has a poo poo
*She loves loves loves her bath time, and has since the day we got her.
*She still only has 6 teeth. Im sure more are going to arrive soon though.
*She eats pretty much anything we do, her favorite is spagetti, or goolash
*Speaking of eating, she eats alllllll the time!! Where does it go?
Gracie is a blessing to our whole family, we love her soooo much!


Waiting4OurAngel said...

Yay-what a wonderful Christmas Gift!!

Matt and Jenny said...

what an exciting post!!!